Simple game engine with complete export to scripting language
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all clean:
@$(MAKE) -s -C zlib $@
@$(MAKE) -s -C libpng $@
@$(MAKE) -s -C glfw $@
@$(MAKE) -s -C trimeshloader $@
@$(MAKE) -s -C physfs $@
@$(MAKE) -s -C freetype $@
@$(MAKE) -s -C ftgl $@
@$(MAKE) -s -C bullet $@
@$(MAKE) -s -C corona $@
@$(MAKE) -s -C glew $@
@$(MAKE) -s -C squirrel $@
@$(MAKE) -s -C ode $@
@$(MAKE) -s -C tinyxml $@
@$(MAKE) -s -C engine $@
@echo done