Simple game engine with complete export to scripting language
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// system includes
#include <list>
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include "ode/ode.h"
#include "squirrel.h"
#include "trimeshloader.h"
// project includes
#include "Utilities/Referenced.h"
#include "Utilities/Buffer.h"
#include "Utilities/sigslot.h"
#include "Math/Vector.h"
#include "Math/Matrix.h"
#include "Math/Quaternion.h"
#include "ScriptSystem.h"
namespace BlueCore
class RigidBodySimulation;
class RigidBody : public Referenced
Vector3 _Position;
Quaternion _Orientation;
Vector3 _LinearVelocity;
Vector3 _AngularVelocity;
dBodyID _Body;
dSpaceID _Space;
struct CollisionMesh
dTriMeshDataID trimeshdata;
dGeomID geom;
std::vector<CollisionMesh> _CollisionMeshes;
HSQOBJECT _CollisionHandler;
weak_ptr<RigidBodySimulation> _Simulation;
RigidBody(RigidBodySimulation* simulation, dWorldID world, dSpaceID space);
const Vector3 &getPosition() const;
void setPosition(const Vector3 &v);
const Vector3 &getLinearVelocity() const;
void setLinearVelocity(const Vector3 &v);
const Quaternion &getOrientation() const;
void setOrientation(const Quaternion &q);
const Vector3 &getAngularVelocity() const;
void applyGlobalForce(const Vector3 &force, const Vector3 &point);
void applyGlobalForce(const Vector3 &force);
void applyLocalForce(const Vector3 &force, const Vector3 &point);
void applyLocalForce(const Vector3 &force);
void applyGlobalMomentum(const Vector3 &momentum, const Vector3 &point);
void applyLocalMomentum(const Vector3 &momentum, const Vector3 &point);
Vector3 getLocalLinearMomentum() const;
Vector3 getGlobalLinearMomentum() const;
Vector3 getLocalAngularMomentum() const;
Vector3 getGlobalAngularMomentum() const;
Vector3 getLocalVelocity() const;
Vector3 getGlobalVelocity() const;
Scalar getMass() const;
sigslot::signal1<RigidBody *> CollisionSignal;
void saveState();
unsigned int addCollisionMesh(const std::string &meshname, Scalar density);
void setCollisionMeshPosition(unsigned int geom, const Vector3 &position);
setCollisionMeshRotation(unsigned int geom,
const Quaternion &rotation);
void getCollisionMeshPosition(unsigned int geom, Vector3 &position);
void getCollisionMeshRotation(unsigned int geom, Quaternion &rotation);
void enableCollisionMesh(unsigned int geom);
void disableCollisionMesh(unsigned int geom);
unsigned int getCollisionMeshId(dGeomID geom);
HSQOBJECT getCollisionHandler();
void setCollisionHandler(HSQOBJECT handler);
class RigidBodySimulation : public Referenced
typedef struct
Buffer<float> vertices;
Buffer<int> indices;
} Trimesh;
static void nearCallback(void *data, dGeomID o1, dGeomID o2);
dWorldID _world;
dSpaceID _space;
dJointGroupID _contactgroup;
int _maxContacts;
Scalar _delta;
Scalar _stepSize;
int _steps;
std::list<RigidBody *> _bodies;
std::map<std::string, Trimesh *> _Trimeshes;
ref_ptr<ScriptSystem> _ScriptSystem;
RigidBodySimulation(ScriptSystem *scriptsystem);
void initializeSingleton();
void shutdownSingleton();
RigidBody *createRigidBody();
void deleteRigidBody(RigidBody *rigid_body);
void removeAll();
int getSteps();
Scalar getStepSize();
int getMaxContacts();
void saveStates();
void updateSteps(Scalar time);
bool step();
sigslot::signal1<Scalar> StepSignal;
const Trimesh *getTrimesh(const std::string &name);